Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Dead Sea

Stephen's notes on our first two days in Jordan....

Good things
View from Mount Nebo overlooking Moses's promised land. Looks like more rocks and sand to me but maybe he had a vision of what it would be 2000 years later
Visit to the River Jordan when Jesus was baptised. It's 6 ft wide here. Not much of a border!
Floating in the Dead Sea. Actually you feel a bit stupid as you can't swim as your legs are stuck in the air but it's an interesting experience. But people don't read newspapers like you see in the adverts because your hands get wet..obviously..

Bad things
Didn't have any cash for the visa. Had to bribe security to sneak out an ATM and then join the back of the queue
Hotel collection service came the night before and didn't come when we arrived. Came eventually after convincing them on the phone that 12:15pm was in the afternoon and not at midnight. Waited an hour. Hurumphed and crossed arms on the trip to the hotel hopefully conveying their utter incompetence.
The Dead Sea has 10 times the amount of salt per whatsit as the ocean. Hence you float. Also hence it bloody stings if you get any of it on tender parts like your eye lids. It also tastes so awful that you immediately have to run out and get some water. If you get it in your eyes you're pretty much blinded and bang your feet on stones as you stagger out. Big recommendation - don't fart. The physical action is immediately excruciating and quickly wipes away any self congratulating smirks...