Thursday, 26 June 2008


Jerash, the most complete set of Roman ruins outside of Italy, is located in northwestern Jordan. It is very impressive! We started our visit by passing through Hadrian's triumphal arch, built in 129 AD to honor the emperor's visit to this once-thriving Roman city. It was meant to eventually form part of the South Gate, but this project was never completed. So, we passed through the original South Gate behind it to get to the Hippodrome. They were conducting mock chariot races, but they cost an additional 12 JD to watch so we opted to continue our free tour. The large, dusty track in the photo shows the remains of this ancient hippodrome. Next, we entered the Oval Court. This was amazing - a vast ovular courtyard surrounded by huge columns. Then, we proceeded down the main colonnaded street. It was lined with monumental columns. They were absolutely enormous in person! You could still see the marks from the chariots along the pavement as well. This street was originally lined with two-story shops and covered walkways. I will have to finish our blog tomorrow because this internet connection is way too slow.... Still to come - Petra!