Monday, 16 June 2008

Valley of the Kings

It's still oven baking hot here such that you cannot stand on the stone floor by the pool without burning your feet in seconds. Pool temperature is 27 degrees and it's a good idea to keep your hat on. I havent seen anyone frying an egg on the floor yet but it would be an interesting experiment.

Nile cruise - Forgotten how aggressive European holidaymakers are when there is a free food and tea and cakes available. Lots of pink frying bodies with tight trunks and beer bellies reserving river side seats. We had great pleasure removing towels and conversing loudly french - il est interdit de reserver les chaises..sacre blue, waterloo etc We had a little table on our own after that...

Luxor - The town is famous for its tombs cut into the mountain and its enormous temple. It's hard work shuffling around looking at ruins in the heat - 45 in the shade - but it's still amazing looking at the colossal monuments

Good things
Early morning visit it tombs and temples. Beautiful colours in the sand and we avoided most of the tour buses that come in hoards after 9am
Feluca boat ride - fat little sailing boat that tacks slowly along the Nile

Bad things
Tipping porters that grab our bags before we can and run off to the taxi
Being hassled by horse and carriage drivers to go for a ride
The smell of horse dung in the heat mixed with the smell of kebabs
Feluca boat captain waiting until you're midstream before flogging you local handicrafts